Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Passion 2021?
Can high school students attend Passion?
Can people over 25 attend Passion?
Can children come to Passion 2021 with attendees and/or door holders?
Are meals provided during Passion 2021?
Can I set up or purchase an exhibitor space for Passion 2021?
Are cameras or videography allowed at Passion 2021?
Will there be a livestream available at Passion 2021?
Will Passion 2021 offer deaf interpretation?
Will there be community groups at Passion 2021?
What is your privacy policy?
What does the ticket cost cover?
How do I pay for my ticket?
When will I receive my ticket?
Am I required to enter information for each ticket when registering?
Can tickets be canceled or transferred?
How can I transfer my ticket to someone else?
Can I transfer my ticket to a different Passion conference event?
Can additional tickets be added to an existing order?
Can separate ticket orders be merged?
Are partial tickets available at a discounted rate if I cannot attend the entire gathering?
Are scholarships available for students?
Is there a group rate?
How do I request group seating for my group?
How do I contact Passion if I have a question about my purchase?
When should I arrive at Passion 2021?
When will I be released on January 2?
What is a door holder?
Who can apply to be a door holder at Passion 2021?
Can college students be door holders?
How can I apply to be a door holder at Passion 2021?
Do door holders need to purchase a ticket?
What is the schedule for serving as a door holder?
What if I am accepted as a door holder, but then unable to serve?
If I am a college pastor, can I attend with my students or should I apply to be a door holder?
How much of the gathering will I be able to attend?
Where should I stay?
What is load-in?
What is load-out?
May I volunteer in photography or production?